About Legion Juice

To produce liquids for electronic cigarettes of the highest quality was and is the main objective of the company.

The R&D horde works with full commitment in order to improve the products, in order to meet an ever wider acceptance among consumers.

For that reason, the choice of raw materials becomes a crucial step: thanks to the collaboration with only certified suppliers that have several years of experience in the pharmaceutical and food industry.

Legion Juice guarantees the highest quality standards for its products.

All our E-liquids are manufactured in a clean-room and we are fully insured.

A new product must instil safety in customers: for this reason, implementing a strict internal quality control system that ensures a pleasant and safe vaping experience.

The desire to convey its commitment to quality by many considered the best liquids for electronic cigarettes in terms of quality and taste.

Our ethos is, if we don’t use the vape juices ourselves, then they are not going on sale, simple! As long term vapers ourselves, we only want to produce the highest quality premium juice, tried and tested for you.

Thanks to all that, we only offer the highest quality liquids for electronic cigarettes.

We believe in changes by supporting innovation, and we work hard to guarantee everyone an enjoyable alternative to smoking.