Vegetable Glycerine And Propylene Glycol Nic Base DIY Liquid Mixing VG PG


100% Vegetable Glycerine, 100% Polypropylene Glycol, 70VG/30PG, 50VG/50PG

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High quality E liquid mixing base for making your own e liquids. All of our suppliers are UK based.

Which base should you buy?

100% PG and 100% VG – intended for mixing own solutions (use 100% VG if you are allergic to PG).

50 VG / 50 PG – If you are not sure, what to buy, you can start with this solution;

70 VG /30 PG –  for people with sensitive throat or wanting large a amount of vape.


What’s PG, VG, PG/VG?

Propylene Glycol  (PG): it’s one of the e- liquid ingredients responsible for “throat hit”. Some people are allergic to Propylene Glycol which should be eliminated from an e- liquid composition at all in this case.  It also makes e liquid less thick which is a good thing for your atomiser.

Vegetable Glycerine(VG):

Vegetable Glycerine (VG): Is responsible for e liquid producing more thick vapour. If you use e liquid with a lot of VG you should remember about cleaning your atomiser more often.

Pure pharmaceutical grade Vegetable Glycerine, minimum 99.5% pure.

Pure pharmaceutical grade Polypropylene Glycol, minimum 99.9% pure.

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Base Mixes

1Ltr VG 100%, 1Ltr PG 100%, 1Ltr 70/30-VG/PG, 1Ltr 50/50-VG/PG, 500ml 100% VG, 500ml 100% PG, 500ml 70/30-VG/PG, 500ml 50/50-VG/PG


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